Cox ride on mowers

If you are searching for a genuine Cox ride on mower, you’ve come to the right place! This brand is known for producing machines that have been designed with the harsh Australian environment in mind.

We supply the full Cox range, including: tractor style and zero turn. We are sure to have a model that meets your specific needs, as they are suited to many and varying applications. Our machines are utilised by homeowners, farmers and commercial businesses alike.

Strength Panels

Many Cox ride on mowers have been fitted with industrial strength panels, which makes them resistant to rust, scratching and minor dings. This ensures that the machine will look its best, even in the most demanding environments.


All Cox mowers have been equipped with an adjustable seat, which is designed to provide the user with a clear view of the ground ahead (helping you to avoid collisions) and to help lessen the strain on your body.


  • Where are these mowers manufactured?
    Cox Industries is committed to supporting local manufacturers and suppliers, so you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a wholly Australian product. This brand understands the demands of our climate.