Out front ride on mowers

Many people like zero turn models because the deck is in front of the machine, allowing them to keep an eye on it, but they dislike the lever steering system. We recommend out front ride on mowers as the perfect solution.

These mowers resemble zero turn ones at a glance, except that they feature an articulated steering system. This is a system that most people have already become comfortable and familiar with, as it is fitted to tractor style machines. At Hastings Mowers, we believe in getting the best of both worlds.


These models offer the very best in efficiency thanks to their articulated steering, front mounted cutting deck, automatic blade engagement and easy to use controls. Many of them can also tackle all kinds of terrain, from flat to sloped.


We supply Husqvarna’s range of out front models, which have been designed to combine the best of zero turn and tractor style machines. This brand is synonymous with quality, so you can have faith in your purchase.


  • What sort of engine will I receive?
    Depending on the model you have chosen, you will receive a Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki or Kubota engine. All three types have been designed with maximum power and durability in mind.