Ride on accessories

Are you looking to protect your machine against the elements or enhance its use with safety gear or attachments? Hastings Mowers also supplies a range of ride on accessories that can help you to achieve all these aims and more.

We can also supply you with spare parts for your machine, from belts through to blades, allowing you to complete your own repairs and maintenance. To ensure that you receive the correct replacement part, you can either supply us with the part number or bring the old component into our showroom.


A number of the ride on mower accessories available are designed to improve the efficiency of your machine. Battery chargers enable you to charge up your machine wherever you are, whilst trailers can double its applications.


There are also a number of mower accessories that are designed to provide both the machine and the operator with maximum protection. These sorts of items include seat covers, mower covers and earmuffs.


  • Why should I invest in a seat cover?
    It is important to remember that the seat is the most vulnerable part of your mower – UV light, weathering and everyday wear and tear can cause serious damage. A seat cover can help to keep this to a minimum.