Ride on mowers for small areas

Just because you have a smaller property does not mean that you cannot enjoy the benefits that a ride on offers. At Hastings Mowers, we supply a range of models that are suitable for use on smaller blocks.

Each of these models has been specifically designed for use in smaller areas, which ensures that you will be able to maneouvre around any obstacle with ease and make short work of the grass. Some even have catcher attachments, which will help to make clean up a breeze.


One of the key features of ride on mowers for small areas is that they are quite compact. This means that they can maneouvre into tight spaces and turn around with relative ease, which larger models simply cannot do.


There are a number of reasons why you might prefer a ride on to a walk behind mower, even when you have a smaller block. Those who are elderly, pregnant or have health problems will be able to mow in comfort.


  • What sort of mower is the most suitable?
    We supply a range of zero turn, tractor style and rider models, each of which is suited to smaller size blocks. Our expert team can help you to determine which will best meet your particular needs.