Ride ons with catchers

Do you miss the catcher that was fitted to your walk behind mower but don’t want to give up your ride on? The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds when you shop with Hastings Mowers

There are a number of reasons why you might prefer your mower to come with an integrated collector – perhaps you hate cleaning up after mowing or perhaps you’re worried about spreading weeds. No matter the reason, we supply a range of models that offer this capability.

Clean Up

One of the major benefits of ride on mowers with catchers is that they make clean up a breeze – once you’ve finished mowing, simply remove the catcher from the rear of the machine and tip the contents into the bin.

Weed Prevention

Another great thing about catchers is that they can help to prevent the spread of weeds across your property, as the seeds aren’t deposited back onto the lawn. This is especially helpful if you have a weed problem.


  • Do these mowers offer any other benefits?
    One other benefit of catchers that we should mention is that they are great for people who are allergic to grass (a surprisingly common occurrence), as they can mow without having to touch the clippings.