Why Should I Invest In A Ride On Mower?
in Ride On Mowers by Cindy

If you are in the market for a new mower and have started to think that a ride on might be right for you, you’re probably wondering about the benefits that making such an investment will offer you. There are actually a number of advantages associated with ride on mowers, some of which we’ve outlined here:

  • Fast and Efficient
    One of the main benefits of these mowers is that they allow you to mow your lawn much faster and more efficiently than ever before. Instead of spending hours cutting the grass, you’ll be able to get on with those activities that you would rather be doing.
  • Comfortable
    Many people prefer these mowers to walk behind ones, as they allow them to remain seated whilst mowing the lawn. This makes them especially suited to people with chronic health problems who may not otherwise be able to keep their property maintained.
  • Ease of Operation
    Generally, there are two steering systems to choose from – articulated (steering wheel) or dual hydrostatic (levers). Both options are easy to use – articulated steering is actually quite similar to driving a car and hydrostatic is as easy as moving the levers forwards and backwards.
  • Maneuverable
    around obstacles in your garden, such as flowerbeds and play equipment, with ease. Zero turn models, in particular, offer maximum maneuverability and can even turn around on the spot! Another benefit of these machines is that they allow you to navigate



We have only scrapped the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the benefits offered by ride on mowers, and each of the different types that we supply (from zero turn to lawn tractor) also offer their own share of benefits. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us or drop into our showroom today!